Studio Gear (some not in picture): GFI 10 String Pedal Steel guitar (tuned E9 nashville, 3 pedals 2 knee levers), Fender DeVille 4x10 tube guitar amplifier, Tahoma Mandolin, a bunch of outboard gear (the trusty, cheap, tube compressor, patch bay, sweet old roland reverb unit, headphone amplifier, MOTU MKII 248 24 channel digital IO, Roland JV-1080, 6 Honer harmonicas (E,G,A,C,D,G)- that's right two Gs- Yamaha 01x M-Lan firewire console, Dell GX 240, Liberty Custom Dobro, Santa Cruz Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar, Alesis self-powered reference monitors, Yamaha Motif ES-6, Fatar 88 key MIDI controller. Unseen on the ground is a Boss GT-6 multi effects unit, Ibanez Tube Screamer, and, of course, a cry-baby wah pedal. Unseen in the foreground are three electric guitars: a fender Telecaster deluxe, G&L Comanche, G&L HG-2 and an old EVH Kramer Baretta. Also unseen: three hundred thousand yards of various knotted and tangled cables lurking behind every piece of everything. Underneath the keyboard, just to the right of the computer is the coffee cup that Rob uses to spill coffee all over his equipment with. Most recodeings made in this studio were done on either Cubase SX or Nuendo 2.0 and mastered on Steinberg WaveLab 4 & 5 using a secret sauce of Akai, Steinberg and open source VST mastering plugins. Two computers are used, one as VST host for outboard effects and ACID and the other for a primary Nuendo box. Nuendo 3 has just been added. The mic collection consists of a AKG C414 B-ULS (mostly for vox), old original Audio Technica AT-4030 (stringed instruments), a matched pair of AKC C1000s (stringed), and a bunch of the usual suspects (shure dynamics and some EV mics).